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Smooth Lounge Beats, West Coast Influenced Jazzfunk Music, Vocals and Instrumentals. A Computer-based Home Recording Studio in the Center of Malmö where I compose, arrange and mix Songs for Myself and Others.

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Assorted Songs representing the Musical Styles in which I operate.  Click Image above to go to Soundloud.



Released in 2011, this 2-track Single is My first officially released Music. Available on various Online Platforms like Itunes, Deezer etc. Click the link above to open in Spotify.

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My Second Album, released in 2014, is an EP containing 4 songs. Click the link above to open in Spotify.


Assorted music and videos by me on Youtube.

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Some of my music featured on other albums.



As Long as I Live

I already knew from early ages that music was going to play a big part in my life. I began to play with  dad’s piano and singing as soon as I could reach the keyboard. As many youngsters I thought that studying classical piano was dull and wanted to play drums instead. I played along to various West Coast style music like Amy Grant, Petra, Chris Eaton, Koinonia and many more. and also with the local church choir, and when my brother borrowed a bass I was the first to start playing it.

I grew up in the small village Älmhult in the heart of småland sweden, mostly known for IKEA. After college I encountered Jazz and was hooked. Attended several music courses in Helsingborg and Karlskoga. I also have a Master degree in Teaching Music from Lund University, although I have yet to start teaching.

Today Music is my hobby but I continue to create songs whenever inspiration comes. My studio is never far away. I still dream about a professional career, but most things still remain undone. And I will continue As Long as I Live.

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Anders Helming

Fylkingatan 25c, Malmö

+46 730 22 63 21

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